Computer Servicing

We can take a look under the hood



We offer a wide range of computer repair services to both residential and business customers. Service includes troubleshooting, maintenance and computer repair. We support both Apple Mac and Windows based PCs. During our business operation in Redbourn over the past six years we have successfully repaired over 5000 computers. We have a broad knowledge in computer repairs and have a fast turn around. Repair services can be performed onsite, in you home \ business location.

We are true technology enthusiasts, our technicians are industry experts and take great pride in their work.

Call us today on 01528 792739 (or use the contact us section to email us).

Below is a short list of repairs we carry out on a daily basis:

Performance Related

  • Desktop Video Card Upgrades
  • Performance Tune Up
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Program Clean up
  • Network Performance Analysis
  • Wireless Performance Analysis

Repairs (Hardware)

  • Laptops Repairs
  • Desktops Repairs
  • Tablets Repairs
  • Printer Repairs
  • Hard Disk Replacement / Upgrades
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Apple Mac Repairs
  • System Health Check

Security Related (Virus)

  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware & Malware Removal
  • Rook Kit Removal
  • Software Updates
  • Security Analysis
  • Install Security Protection
  • Firewall & Access Control
  • Secure Remote Access

Data Related

  • Data Backup / Transfer
  • Email Backup /Transfer
  • Email Certificates
  • Address Book / Contact List Backup / Transfer
  • Music Backup / Transfer (iTunes Library)
  • Automatic Cloud Backup Setup
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Disposal
  • Data Security
  • Data cloud Access with Collaboration and Synchronisation
  • Data Sharing (with optional Access Control)
  • SQL Database Backup / Migration
  • Exchange Email Server Backup / Transfer / Migration


We have broad knowledge of several systems and have the opportunity work with them over our active operational years. We have worked with many servers system including Linux, Microsoft Server 2003, 2008 and the latest 2011. We’ve configures Exchange and SQL servers for many clients. We’ve recently started moving our customers to the cloud including Google Apps, Apple iCloud and Microsoft 365 Cloud.

We can help you with your requirement. Talk to us today on 01582 792739 and we will be more than happy to advise and help.

Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle


We offer a wide range of diagnostic services for computers, tablets and printers.

Diagnostic charge are waived if either repairs is carried out with us or replacement is procured with us.

Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your computer

Hard Disk Upgrades:

We provide Hard Disk Upgrades

Memory Upgrades:

We can upgrade your computer memory to overall improve performance speed.

Graphics Card Upgrades (for gaming desktop):

We can upgrade your gaming computer’s graphics card to overall improve performance speed.

Virus Removal

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that

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Service For Laptop For Desktop
Internet Temp File Cleanup
Disk Cleanup
Malware Scan and Removal
Virus Scan and Removal
Rogue Software Scan and Removal
Disk Cleanup
Software Optimization
from £35 From £35
Full Servicing
All of the above plus
Windows Patch to prevent Virus from coming back
Startup Tune Up
Disk Optimization
From £70 From £70


We provide Data Transfer Service that is aimed at making your transition to your new computer flawless.

Data Transfer can be tricky,


and laborious. We have many years of experience in performing this task – we have standardize the procedure which has been designed to give your data the utmost security & protection.
We’ve help hundreds of customers with their data and we have have a 100% success rate.

We can move the following to your new computer:

  1. Pictures
  2. Documents
  3. Music including iTunes Library
  4. Videos
  5. Contacts
  6. Emails
  8. Favorites

For business users, we can reconfigure your Exchange, Sage, Quickbooks and many more software.

Give us a call today to find out more and to obtain a fixed price quotation.

Remote Assistance
We provide remote support for any software related issues that you might be experiencing with your computer. The minimum requirement for this service is to have an active internet connection. We can remote access (with your permission) any computer and perform repairs remotely. You could be in Japan, Australia or on the beach in Mauritius. Help is only once click away!
This service can also be used as an initial evaluation to diagnose if your computer is infected or bloated or simply in need of a servicing. This service is chargeable and price start from £14.99.
Computers has become part of our lives and when they don’t work at it should; it can be very frustrating and stressful. Herts Compute Care Remote Assistance takes the hassle out of getting your computer fixed. We can prevent valuable downtime for home or business users with minimal disruption.
One of the greatest benefit of this service is that you do not have to unplug your computer or take it to the local store and wait days or weeks for it to be repaired. Instead, we use fast remote assistance solution where authorised technicians can access your PC over a secure Internet connection to provide you with one-to-one real-time support for any of your software problems.
So, sit back, relax and let us take care of your computer, so give us a call today on 01528 792 739.